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In response to a growing need in the marketplace, Ampere created the Special Projects Division.

At Ampere we recognize that no two clients are alike and we are a group of professionals responsible for problem solving on an individual basis, such as pure installation versus applied solutions teams.

Ampere is fully experienced in providing a complete data centre environment such as  a raised floor computer room environment complete with AC and DC power, telecommunication (copper and fibre) along with associated raceway and rack protection, pre-action and suppression sprinkler systems and mechanical cooling.


special projects

There exists a broad spectrum of experience in Ampere’s Special Projects division and we have been responsible for:

> value added engineering

> completion of data centres

> research and verification labs

> nodes of control (NOC)

> call centres

> DC plant

> server farms

> existing system integration

communications   >

tenant fit-up  >

technical services   >

new construction >